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Volunteer with West River Care

Hospice has always been about far more than medicine. It’s about surrounding our people with attention, care and compassion, in a million little ways.

When you volunteer with Hospice, you’re showing just how much you truly care for others. What a Hospice volunteer can do for a patient depends on that patient’s needs and personality. It can be companionship, or it can include providing pet therapy, playing music, praying or reading to a patient. It can include knitting, journaling or helping a patient make a scrapbook. Or it might simply be holding their hand.

If volunteering at a Hospice seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ll provide you with all the training you’ll need. All you have to do is reach out. We’ll reach back.

    If you’d like to speak to our volunteer coordinator, call us at 781.707.9578 or email

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    Volunteer for Veterans in Hospice


    One of the most important things in Hospice care is to keep our patients connected to the people and memories that matter to them. Many of our patients are veterans. If you are a fellow veteran, or the family member of a veteran, you could be the connection that a Hospice patient needs.

    When you become a veteran-to-veteran volunteer, you provide companionship to another veteran. You can also help preserve another veteran’s life story through video, audio recordings or scrapbooking, to help our staff ensure that the patient is treated with the respect they deserve.

    If you can spare two hours a month to help a fellow veteran at the end of their journey,
    call us at 781.707.9578 or reach out below.