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by West River Care

End-of-life care wherever you call home.

West River Hospice takes a holistic, person-centric approach to provide each patient with the best quality of life. To manage pain and relieve symptoms, we draw on the expertise of the patients‘ doctors, hospice physicians and registered nurses. At West River Hospice, we believe the emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and their family are as equally important as the physical needs. To that end, we provide social workers, volunteers, bereavement specialists and even Reiki practitioners.

We also provide specialized programming for patients living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Learn more here.

How can we help you and your family?

    Specialized Dementia Program at West River Care


    At West River, we’re equipped with the training and therapies to respond to the unique needs of people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Our team members have years of experience evaluating patients with memory and cognition issues for agitation, anxiety and stress. We can evaluate and treat pain issues in nonverbal patients and have used a wide range of nonmedical interventions including: music, touch and aromatherapy to make patients feel calm and secure.

    If your family could use this kind of help, let’s talk.




      Who qualifies for Hospice care?

      Hospice care is intended for people who have an illness or condition that has a life expectancy of six months or less and have made the choice to receive comfort care rather than curative treatments.

      What services does Hospice care provide?

      Every service that Hospice provides is intended to enhance the patient’s quality of life by managing their symptoms and easing pain, while honoring their end-of-life choices. To do that, we provide:

      • Physician-directed services
      • Specialized nursing care
      • Personal care services provided by home health aides
      • Medical social worker services
      • Emotional and spiritual counseling
      • Specialized programming
      • Bereavement services and counseling

      How is Hospice care paid for?

      Hospice is a fully covered benefit under Medicare/Medicaid and many health insurance plans. There are no limits on how long the services can be provided as long as the patient continues to meet eligibility. Any medications, equipment or supplies related to the hospice diagnosis are covered. Click here to learn more.

      How can I start receiving Hospice care for myself or my family member?

      Referrals to Hospice can be made by patients themselves, friends, family members, doctors, nurses, clergy or social workers. If you’re in need of Hospice services, you can call us directly at 781.707.9578 or complete the form above and we’ll reach out to you.